Mag Secretario and goodlifesleep

goodlifesleep is the creation of Mag Secretario, a leading transformational wellness coach, and entrepreneur who is committed to connecting the dots between the multi-dimensional aspects of sleep, health, personal energy, and potential. Through goodlifesleep, Mag helps high achieving professional, coaches, and entrepreneur women live their very best authentic lives by improving their sleep, the crucially important foundation of health.

Mag employs a unique and diverse ‘whole life’ approach that brings together the best practices of the EAST and WEST in nutrition, fitness, health, the latest science, and technological findings to create the most effective products and services possible. Combined with his passion, a network of like-minded experts, and 25+ years of experience in the health, beauty and wellness industry, Mag is able to awaken the best in his clients so that they thrive in both their professional and personal lives.



Sleep is at the center of Mag’s mission as he recognizes how important it is to our everyday lives. Sleep deprivation has become a world epidemic that subtly and negatively impacts our health, vitality, productivity, happiness and even wealth!

Mag understands that sleep is deeply personal and requires uniquely tailored, drug-free solutions and products for clients so that they can live more empowered lives.




Through goodlifesleep, Mag has discovered a tremendously meaningful PURPOSE for his life in helping others address this often-overlooked foundation of health.

Today, sleep is getting more and more attention on the national stage as authorities such as the CDC, The Journal of Neuroscience, Harvard Business Review, and Ashridge Business School have all highlighted the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation which have been shown to impact stress levels and be related to mental illness.



It’s time for you to join our Sleep Movement! Don’t wait any longer to unlock your full potential and live your healthiest life!

Your health is your wealth!




Mag Secretario and goodlifesleep are Global Presence Ambassador