“Ain’t no mountain high enough…”

I’m writing this blog while in Texas travelling to Austin…

This week to meet 700+ of my health, life, spiritual, and business coach colleagues from the Health Coach Institute. I miss my tribe! It’s the tribe I never had in my past careers and travels! The ENERGY that’s created from our HCI Live event, is incredible and it’s the same energy we aim to create when we and our clients are aligned. ‘Ain’t nothing to keep me from getting to you babe!’



My first HCI Live…

was two years ago when I was 4 months into my training to Become a Health Coach or BHC as we came to know it as. BHC was a ‘gift’, the package and the clarity I was seeking that changed my life on several levels.

There are few things in life that you can say that was meaningful, changed your relationships with family (and continue to do so), changed your perspective on ‘work’, your belief system and life while transforming your health so that your highest priority became self-care NOT money, jobs and status. You get what I’m saying!

Discovering my true purpose…

was a journey including 25+ years in my past career as a designer and environmental advocate but rather than a shift in direction, it is more a culmination of life and career skills that I bring to my new mission as a health coach specializing in sleep, health & energy! A shift from environmental sustainability to personal sustainability thanks to my own burnout, my entrepreneur mentor and BHC!

“My focus from environmental sustainability to personal sustainability is my new purpose”

What is a health coach you ask?

Well in case you’re wondering, I’m a trained professional who uses an integrative, East meets West approach to both health and lifestyle changes to improve your health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I accomplish this through collaboration, creativity, connection and coaching.

Meeting with like-minded friends, colleagues and spirits is absolutely necessary not only for our own personal development but also for the higher purpose of learning how we can better serve others and create health for everyone. I am grateful for that mountain!

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” Buddha