Are you tapping into your full potential with the seasons?

Autumn is a great time to let go of things that don’t serve you any longer, another chance to declutter.  It’s a time to consolidate and begin storing energy inward, rest more and a perfect time for a gentle cleanse from the excesses of summer.

There is great power in learning how to tap into the energies of each season, timing is everything. It’s easy to do the right thing at the wrong time or the wrong thing at the right time!

For example:

Have you eaten a tomato in the winter time compared to eating it in the summer? I also used to believe that January 1 was a great time to cleanse, fast and begin a new physical, strenuous workout routine. How many people do you know to start the New Year with a bang then go bust in February?

Winter teaches us to draw energy inwards, to be still, it is the time for creating the seeds of the ideas, goals, and visions for the following year. Spring is the better time to plant these seeds and rejuvenate your energy!

We are so fortunate living in the great Pacific Northwest and get to experience the changing of the seasons. As a Personal Energy & Performance Coach, I work with the concept of 5 seasons that are aligned with the Traditional Chinese Method and concept of 5 elements and Late Summer is considered a season and we’re going to be experiencing a bit more of it in the next week with temperatures reaching the 70’s.

I’ll explain more about the 5 seasons and healing in future blogs but for now, embrace the changes, the colours and the season by considering these actions below.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”- Albert Camus

  1. Get outside and breathe more deeply while you walk, exercise and appreciate nature. The lungs, the large intestine and skin are the organs associated with Autumn that ‘filter’ the good and let go of the not so good.


  1. Be more aware of your sleep patterns and try to get to bed a bit earlier to balance this season’s falling energy. (we’re talking Northern hemisphere here)


  1. Take time to declutter both your home and your mind. Try this in the evening and wake up feeling more energized and organized. Apply this concept with a gentle cleanse for your body.

14 Days to a Clean Body and Mind!  Yes, I’m ready! 

PS. I’ll guide you through it as I begin my Autumn cleanse this week and throughout October. This is my 5th cleanse and each one is a slightly different outcome releasing on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Check out what my clients have said.

“I enjoyed working with Mag on the 14 days cleanse.  He was patient and encouraged me to find my body’s own way.  Knowing he was in my camp gave me the confidence to try new things, bust through the setbacks and commence what I believe will be a lifelong path to a trimmer, slimmer, and more energetic body!”

 Sue T.

Seattle, Washington