Energy Medicine: What is it and Why Should it Matter to YOU?

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3 insights to managing your health from within    “You are responsible for the energy that you create for yourself, and you’re responsible for the energy that you bring to others.”   Oprah Winfrey    As you know, I’m extremely passionate about holistic health. I love helping people realize that being healthy is not simply about […]

Sleep Awareness Week 2020

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“And The Most Important Week of the Year Award Goes to…” Sleep Awareness Week!  Here are three things you can consider celebrating it with! After a fabulous February in which we talked a lot about heart health, March brings the importance of sleep to the forefront. So much of what I do as a Personal Energy […]

“Pursue Your Dreams, Especially When You’re Sleeping”

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It’s easy to dismiss dreams or even not remember having them! Here are 3 questions and reframes coaches might consider.   To many, dreams are simply byproducts of sleep. They are random occurrences devoid of any consequence or meaning. When we do remember our dreams, they are often erratic and confusing. Yet, dreaming is incredibly important, especially […]

What’s the Meaning of Sleep & Emotions?

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The Deep Connection Between Your Time in Bed and How You Feel…  As a Personal Energy and Potential Coach who focuses on a unique, holistic transformation, I love helping people understand how their behaviors, surroundings, beliefs and especially their sleep, affects their health.  Read on about what more sleep means for you and your clients! The way we […]