Following My Heart!

“Your time is limited, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”  

adapted from Steve Jobs

It’s only February and I’m still getting my head (and heart) around what it means to give real value to others in a blog and still be on ‘theme’. It’s a special Supermoon today which means all things around our emotions, feelings and unconscious beliefs come into full play.

With a Supermoon, all of these can be amplified, for better or worse!  The Full Moon is also a time to be grateful and for me to acknowledge everyone and everything that has come into my life lately, mostly good and many things not so good. So, what does this all mean? How do I connect these dots?



Following my heart means being in service to others through my actions, practicing selfcare and trusting and believing that I’m on the path I’m meant to be. I honestly feel that it’s women who are changing the world and I support this with my belief to help you discover that the power of reaching our highest potential starts with Sleep.

Sleep is the FOUNDATION of our physical health. Our society today leads us to believe that ‘success’ is about working harder, sacrifice and involves a certain social status. The challenge for me is that it doesn’t always align with being a heart-centered business.

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”   Swami Sivananda


I’m always inspired by many of my friends, colleagues and clients who are doing what is difficult, vulnerable and out of their comfort zone all with the intention of creating a meaningful life, helping others and being ‘successful’. I am grateful to be a small part of their growth and especially to be their friend. Allow me to share a story in hopes that it can inspire you in some way.


One of my clients is a young actress who I met for the first time at a workshop in London in September 2017. We reconnected 10 months later and began our ‘coaching ‘relationship. Little did I know that she would become an inspiration to me with the work she does. What started out as a health coaching relationship turned into a bit of life and business coaching as well. What I really appreciate is how much I have learned from her as well as from other ‘ideal’ clients I’ve had the pleasure of serving.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving (and action) creates love.”

adapted from Lao Tzu

Today, I am proud to say that I have helped her reach one of her goals with idea called World Stories to continue her work in the Philippines helping the poorest communities and children there to discover that Hope is the starting point to help these children see outside the poverty, illness and even death & dying they experience EVERY day.

It takes a very special, kind and loving person to do this work and I am here to support her and this is only the beginning of her mission! She’s doing the hard work! Here she is, in the slums of the city and country of my ancestors helping my own people because she loves children and wants to inspire and share their stories around the globe.


So, with February and the Supermoon today, I ask you to consider giving to her cause not because she’s one of my clients or because it’s my birthday next week but because she’s on the ground doing what most people would find very challenging emotionally and impossible for many. It’s early days with her charity organization as she’s just starting out. We have lots of work to do yet.

These days, it’s hard to trust large charity organizations that the money we send is actually getting to the people who actually need it, wouldn’t you agree? She shared the other day, that she bought pens for some of the students there because, without a pen, they wouldn’t be allowed to attend school. She spent her own money for pens so that they wouldn’t miss school.


So, with the limited time I have on this planet, I wanted to share this story and encourage you to do what you love, help others and start by caring for yourself starting with Sleep. This is my purpose here. It’s my intention is to help others discover Sleep as an Energy source because Sleep health is often misunderstood, neglected and sometimes sacrificed in order to achieve what we believe is a success. What good is a success if you do not have your Health and the Energy to fulfill your purpose in your life?


What’s your true purpose? I’m open to talking!

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