Managing jetlag!

Managing jetlag:


Internal body clock or circadian rhythm is out of sync with day/night affecting sleep, hunger, mood, awareness on top of mental & emotional adjustments to new surroundings.


Jetlag occurs because of the change in natural light received through the eyes and impacting a group of cells affecting the timing of all of our body systems.


Prepare before travels

  1. Fly east, fly early. Fly west, fly late Body clock finds it easier to adjust to longer days than shorter days.  Book seats according to your needs, habits, and comfort.
  2. Slowly adjust to a new sleep routine of your destination a few days before flying. Going east to west: go to bed & wake up later.
  3. Plan a stopover, shower or swim if possible

During travel

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  2. Sleep aids such as melatonin, herbal extracts (valerian), noise-cancelling headphones, earplugs, eye mask & stretching, lavender face spray
  3. Eat light, avoid alcohol, caffeine (at least 3-4 hrs before bedtime) vitamin C or echinacea to boost the immune system


  1. Adjust to destination daylight exposure: sleep when dark. Generally 1 day per 1 HR time zone difference. Get outside in daylight.
  2. Anchor at least 4 hour period of sleep
  3. If travel is only for a few days & not more than 3 time zones, keep to your ‘home’ schedule. Keep your watch set to your timezone.