My intention is to inspire you in some way…

I was inspired by one of our Happiness playshop participants

And a dear friend last week to write this blog, something I’m trying to be more intentional about as a new weekly habit. My intention is to inspire you in some way.

Yes, it’s true I loved my 25+ years as a designer but then later considered myself more as a ‘guide’. I successfully spoke the languages of design, brand, sustainability, wellbeing etc and guided you to create the environments, products, and results you wanted.

I’ve always believed the best solutions came from a process of empathy and collaboration (design thinking). Today, I bring those creative problems solving skills to my new path as a Personal Energy & Performance Coach which means I help you design the life you want by first prioritizing sleep, health & energy, the keys to an achieving your fullest potential!

So what does a playshop on Happiness has to do with what I do as a health coach?

If you already believe that our emotional wellbeing is directly connected to our physical and mental wellbeing, you might get it already. If you’re struggling with happiness, you may have challenges around your health, relationships, you’re finding it difficult to go to your ‘job’ and are feeling burned out, stressed and overwhelmed. Our emotions and emotional health have EVERYTHING to do with how we live our life.

Look at the people with fame & fortune (what surveys say many people think would bring them happiness) and think of the suicides in the past year(s). The CDC ranks suicide as number 10 on the leading causes of death in the US but the really sad thing is that many of these causes are preventable but most people don’t realize it. Many people accept what the world tells them while others have found another way.

Happiness plays a part in our new paradigm

That it’s more important to manage our energy (emotion) than our time. Time is finite, energy is infinite but so many of us are chasing time, chasing the future and not really living, more like existing. We feel guilty about making time for ourselves, our self-care (what’s that?) and we struggle with DOING everything and not BEING in the present.

We postpone happiness because we feel we don’t deserve it (not until I get this …fill in the blank…done). We think about what happiness is but don’t live or practice it. This is where I bring my past to my purpose today, creatively helping you discover the best path for your health & happiness.

Wherever we are on our life path, we can bring most of our past experiences, skills, and values to our life today AND let go of the things that do not serve us any longer. This is the process of TRANSFORMATION. I’d love for you to join me on my design thinking research project inspiring a healthier & happier life by sharing what you bring to the table for your purpose today. What makes you happy today?

Here are 3 things you can do today to increase your health & happiness:

  1. Practice gratitude every day for the next 7 days
  2. Get 7 hours of sleep 4 times this week
  3. Book to join me on Sept. 13 to share more on The Science & Practice of Happiness Playshop in Seattle. Get your ticket here: Eventbrite