Shift happens!!!

Shift happens!!!

Inspired by Wayne Dyer’s film,

The Shift

Health has always been our highest priority in our life because without it, how can we enjoy a life of quality  fulfilling your vision and purpose?  Our vision was always been about creating value in our lives and others, constantly learning new skills, inspiring others… you get the picture.

Our purpose was essentially to live life with more meaning aligning our experiences, skills and passions to serve others.  This was why goodlife*sleep was created, to help solve a problem, to help serve others and in doing that getting much more in return on many levels.

The dark side and letting go.

Solving this problem was solving my own problems that began years ago.  I’ve survived a toxic work relationship but not without going through many stressful years, antidepressants and sleepless nights doing what many, many of us do… put up with situations that you feel trapped in such as work, bad relationships or the feeling that you have no choices. 

Dr Dyer talks about our ‘morning’ of our lives when achievement and ambition was our world and the ‘evening’ was finding meaning and purpose driven goals. 

My goal became to help people find that meaning through first taking care of our health and sleep is most essential but often forgotten.  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to take your goals, achievements and ambition to the next level?  Join us on our ‘Sleep Movement’ to create a SHIFT to more meaning, health and even choices in our lives.