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“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” 

“If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behaviour.”    William Glasser

If you believe in the power of the past weekends’ Lunar Eclipse, it is the time of embracing change, a time to start again, to let go of things that no longer serve us and to set your intentions for the next months. My intention is to share more of the Power of SHE: Sleep. Health. Energy. I want you to give you more tools, strategies and more ways to reach your highest potential and to help your clients by connecting the dots and to challenge you in the next months (more later). The Full Moon combined with the Lunar Eclipse is an extremely powerful time to align with your vision, goals, values and flow as I shared earlier. You don’t have to believe in the stars, but you can believe that if YOU are aligned, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually, you’re on your path.


My path is to serve you in every way I can more than ever. Some may know I’ve relocated back to the US to care for my elderly parents which is a constant process of transformation and change. What I discovered was that health coaching was my true path and I’m learning that you cannot change attitudes (nor my parents’ health), especially if they don’t believe that there is another choice for them at this time in their life. What I learned from that was that I can only change myself. My Mantra for 2019 is Change Begins Within. It seems that MANY believe pain and growing old is something we must accept. That’s just the surface of the belief system that is no longer is true!

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”   Haruki Murakami

Why am I doing this? I first heard this quote above from Dr Sean Stephenson at the last Health Coach Institute Live event I attended in Austin, Texas. His story has powerfully inspired me to let go of my own fears and excuses as his own mother asked him in the kindest way at a particularly excruciating moment in his young life, “is this going to be a gift or a burden?” It moved many to tears that afternoon. If you think our problems are big, check out this ‘3-foot Giant’!


So, how will these pieces be different from the blogs I’ve written before? I’m confident and experienced in the creative process as a designer with over 25+ years but writing these blogs is a stretch out of my comfort zone, so be kind! You may have heard me say before that many personal development experts, morning breakfast show programs and even many doctors and health professionals often overlook the power of sleep as the one key that can help you live your fullest potential.



All of us are experiencing the world at a speed like never before, constant change, confusion and overwhelm at some level. Our response manifests as stress, pain, mental & physical illness, sleepless nights and unhappiness. We’re so overwhelmed and distracted with every notification or shiny object in life, we fail to see the solution is right here before us. We can’t connect the dots if we’re not even aware of them.  WAKE UP! This is where I come in.

“Life is simple but not easy. It’s people who f**k things up!”  Mag

What’s different is that I’m here more visible & vulnerable than ever, more far-reaching yet deeply personal and more bold & brave to guide you through some confusion and share the latest science (sleep science has only been around less than 60yrs), the healing arts of the East and the West and the modern, practical applications of Sleep, Health & Energy so that you can see for yourself how your life can change, how you can connect those dots for yourself, your clients and loved ones. I see my parents’ life-changing every moment, every day. I’m learning to bring more compassion in response to their pain at the same time allow them to be who they are. Not an easy task where I’m coming from (another story).


This was not possible in my past when I didn’t realize I wasn’t sleeping well in the past year (and I’m a health coach!). In my own pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, I couldn’t even see room for compassion. Only by caring for myself first can I help my own parents live a good life, as best they can through compassion and love. You see, as health coaches, we can only guide you to where they want to go, open the possibilities of choice, provide the tools & strategies for your journey. It’s YOU who has to take that step. I’m here to hold your hand. I’m here to hold my parents’ hands when the time comes.

“The good life is one inspired by love, sleep, health and guided by energy and knowledge.”   Adapted from Bertrand Russell

I’m here to hold your hand anytime.

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