Sleep Awareness Week 2020

“And The Most Important Week of the Year Award Goes to…”

Sleep Awareness Week!  Here are three things you can consider celebrating it with!

After a fabulous February in which we talked a lot about heart health, March brings the importance of sleep to the forefront.

So much of what I do as a Personal Energy and Potential coach is to help people understand how sleep is the core of all wellbeing. In March, I get to teach directly about the positive benefits of sleep alongside so many other great organizations. In fact, it’s not too late to join any of our LIVE master class webinars called, The Secret of Sleep where we share more:


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The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) hosts Sleep Awareness Week every year. This year, it’s happening March 8-14. Throughout the week, the NSF celebrates healthy sleep and encourages others to prioritize it amongst all other personal health goals.  


Why not celebrate sleep every night and every day?”  Mag Secretario


To kick off the week, the organization will also share the results of the most recent Sleep in America study, which is always enlightening. For example, the 2018 survey found that only 10% of Americans prioritize sleep amongst other health goals. On the upside, nine out of ten Americans who reported getting excellent sleep every night stated they were very productive.

I believe Sleep Awareness Week is one of the most important, if not the most important week of the year when it comes to our health. The title alone is meaningful, as it applies that most people don’t realize how critical sleep is for our daily lives. 


The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation. Aristotle 


In many therapies, awareness is the first step towards progress. Awareness is when we finally realize precisely what is happening in a given situation. When it comes to sleep, most of us don’t treat it with the respect that it deserves simply because we don’t know its value.

Healthy sleep is the foundation of our lives. When we are sleep deprived, every area of our lives suffers – Mentally, we are less sharp. Physically, we are fatigued. Emotionally, we are drained.

At a conscious level, most of us likely know we don’t perform at peak levels most days. However, we think it’s a byproduct of living.

That’s just adulthood, right?

You’re stressed most of the time, and sometimes you catch a break.

This isn’t true. We are destined for more. And we deserve to get more out of our lives. So many people today accept being shadows of their true selves because it’s what they are used to. They haven’t gotten good sleep for years, so they’ve forgotten what it feels like to really live every day to the fullest possible extent.


The spirit is the true self. The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure.”  Cicero 


Sleep Awareness Week is a tremendous opportunity to educate our loved ones that there is a better way. With consistent, restorative sleep, we can and should accomplish great things in our lives. And for you, specifically, it’s a good week to remind yourself to stay on course.

It can be an excellent time to hit the reset button or reawaken to the realities of sleep’s transformative power. Don’t let Sleep Awareness Week pass by this year without really enjoying it.


Consider flirting with sleepiness before getting into bed with it.”  Dr Rubin Naiman  


Here are three insights to maximize the occasion:


  1. Reflect on your personal health every day of the week

Throughout Sleep Awareness week, keep some kind of journal in which you can record reflections about your health. Tackle a different topic per day, and touch on things like sleep, nutrition, fitness, weight, etc.

In what areas are you doing well? What areas need improvement?

Then, think about how getting better sleep might impact each aspect of your health. This will help re-engage your mind and form connections between sleep and other health areas.


  1. Find a Sleep Awareness Week buddy

Don’t go through Sleep Awareness Week alone. You’ll get so much more out of it if you have someone else to talk to and share your reflections.

We are much more likely to accomplish goals that we tell others. And, we are more motivated to follow-through when we know other people are on the same journey. Find a buddy for the week or a group of people who are committed to getting the most out of Sleep Awareness Week 2020.


3. Sleep well every night

This might seem silly but do whatever it takes to get a good night of sleep every night of Sleep Awareness Week.

While you’re mentally thinking about the positive impacts of sleep, you need to be experiencing the benefits physically as well. On top of that, recognize that the benefits you are experiencing are because of restorative sleep.

The lessons you learn will be more likely to stick if you can sync up your mind and body on sleep’s value in our lives. Follow these three steps, and you’ll be all set!


Sleep is probably my favourite activity. I wrote this piece out of gratitude that I’m able to sleep well as an offering to people who don’t.”  Max Richter 

As always, I’m here for you!  Let’s chat!