Some of you know me as a “Sleep Coach”…

…And now a Personal Energy & Performance Coach.

How is this relevant to you…you ask? I used to think that sleep was a pillar of health alongside nutrition, movement, the spiritual and emotional aspects of our health. What I’ve come to know now, thanks to many experts and most lately Dr Rubin Naiman and Dr Matthew Walker, is that sleep is actually the FOUNDATION of health on which all the others pillars rely on!

For me, that means a better understanding of how sleep is connected to EVERY lifestyle disease is relevant to all health coaches who want to help their clients even deeper and to everyone who struggles with getting a good night’s sleep.

Over 70 million people in the US aren’t getting sufficient sleep and that translates to illness from heart disease, obesity to Alzheimer’s that show up in the long run as well as contributing to over $411 billion in lost productivity.

That means people come to work and aren’t working at full capacity and that is called presenteeism (related to absenteeism but not always accounted for). I’m here but I’m working at 70% capacity because my brain isn’t functioning properly due to the night before caused by not getting enough rest, sleep and downtime.

Who’s got time for sleep? We live in a 24/7 society and a culture that doesn’t get it: sleep and the idea that sleep can help you perform at even higher levels IF we prioritize self-care and recharging through sleep. You wouldn’t run your iPhone without charging it every night, would you?

So here are some simple things you can do to help yourself right now. I’m happy to go into more depth if you reach out to me.

Check the action steps below you can apply and benefit from NOW!

  • Meditate for 5 to 10 minutes a day!
  • Try a nap of 20-45 minutes during a period of low energy if you didn’t get 7 hours of sleep as a minimum and you can actually do this wherever you are
  • Drink water often: half your weight in ounces is ideal. Water is the quickest way of boosting energy!
  • Get outside in nature (or sit near-real plants), get fresh air!
  • Be open to learning, changing and growing new skills.

Thanks to my friend and colleague who shared his story with me about his client.

“Much gratitude to Mag Secretario for sharing his passion and expertise in helping people with sleep. Mag is creating awareness of how important sleep is to our health, his coaching has impacted my sleep quality for the better.

As a Health & Lifestyle Coach, I understand the benefits of quality sleep, and it comes up often with my clients. I had the chance to share Mag’s work in a ‘deep dive’ into sleep with someone I’m working with, and in one session Mag led us in exploring these clients sleep habits/routine while drawing out his issues.

Mag made specific recommendations and helped us create the conditions for inevitable success, in this case not waking (and staying up) many times in a night. This person, a father and family man, is now having nights of straight sleep and loving the results of doing so.

As a coach, I learned so much from Mag in this one session, and feel I’ve expanded my toolbox for helping others with sleep! If you (or someone you know) wants to sleep better, or if you’re a coach who wants to help your clients with sleep, I highly recommend Mag.”

Greg Teha. Alberta, Canada

Finally, for now, Greg and inspired me as well as a few others to create something that can be useful in the form of an online course which I’m launching officially in November. I’ll be looking for a few choice coaches and people who might help me with beta testing and feedback. Is that something of interest and value to you?

Please let me know. Let’s connect!