Summer Reenergised! Wake Up to Peak Energy!

Hi Friend,

As Spring was the season of our Energy rising, Summer is the season of hitting Peak Energy as well as peak stress, anxiety, and burnout if we’re out of balance.

It’s truly the time of joy and maximum growth! It is the energy of expansion, the time to be more active socially with increased mental focus and better relationships as well as peak physical energy, getting more done and even losing weight.

Join me and you’ll learn forgotten secrets to benefit your health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually that you can use today by aligning with the energy and elements of the Summer season!

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You’ll learn what Peak Energy means to you:

 1. mind: the secret to peak mental focus & clarity
 2. body: why losing weight in Summer is best
 3. performance: why multitasking is fake news
 4. happiness: learn what the most popular course at Yale University is
 5. feelings: learn how to be calm, confident & energized

At the end of the day, you’ll learn how to experience being at your peak all Summer!