“Pursue Your Dreams, Especially When You’re Sleeping”

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It’s easy to dismiss dreams or even not remember having them! Here are 3 questions and reframes coaches might consider.   To many, dreams are simply byproducts of sleep. They are random occurrences devoid of any consequence or meaning. When we do remember our dreams, they are often erratic and confusing. Yet, dreaming is incredibly important, especially […]

Discover 3 things you can do to create new opportunities!

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“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”   Bruce Lee  Today, November 27th marks the day I left my corporate ‘job’ (circumstances) in 2015 to create my new life (opportunity) as an entrepreneur and health coach. Bruce Lee was also born on this date which makes this especially memorable and auspicious for me as he’s one […]

What does each of us share in common with our businesses?

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We live in a world that has space for EVERYTHING to exist. In nature, most everything exists in an ecosystem that finds its own balance. In business, many exist in a competitive or collaborative environment. As entrepreneurs and small businesses, there are nearly 30 million ‘employing’ over 45% of US workers. So, what could it […]