Values have a major influence on our behaviour and attitude!

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”   Albert Einstein

As promised from my last blog asking What is your Vision for 2019, I wanted to share a bit more on values & intentions to contribute to your success in the New Year. They are more than connected to creating and defining your goals and visions and I’d love to hear your thoughts so that we can help each other achieve what we want!

Value comes from the Latin noun, Valere “be strong, be well; be of value, be worth” and today has come to mean what is most important to you in your life. We believe that if we live our life aligned with our own values, it is meaningful and we’re happy.

If we’re living someone else’s values and beliefs, some that come from others like our parents or our culture, for example, we may not be experiencing fulfilment. Most of us may not even be aware of what our own belief system truly is and that’s another blog!

“If you have a sense of yourself, your mission, your belief system, those things will lead you to success.”     Goldie Hawn

Values have a major influence on our behaviour and attitude and serve as guidelines in all situations from business to life! Values are not like goals and don’t get checked off a list during the year, but they absolutely shape your goals and visions for the year as well as your life.

What are your core personal values? Take quiet time out to define what this is for you. These are defined as a single word such as a connection for me or short phrases like freedom of choice. One way I have done this is by asking friends that know me well to describe me in one word. Try it!



Once you have carefully defined your values, you can start to create your intentions that express how you want to show up in the world, with your family & friends and even how you show up in your business or work. It is the ‘who you are becoming’ and not just what you have done or accomplished.

So, for a value I defined as connection, I would say my intention is to create more meaningful connections. This is a daily practice for me and not a ‘tick box’ exercise. This is a result of my value and belief about others. My goal might be to meet 5 new people each week with the intention to create meaningful connections.

“Having good intentions is a good start but taking action will give you results.”   Mag

As per the previous post, WHO we are, comes from our values and by asking WHY we are here, we can better define WHAT our intentions and visions are. Aligning with our values, intentions and goals and vision can shape the actions we want to take.

You can see that these are quite different from just making New Year’s resolutions! A creative alternative to making resolutions is to create a mantra which I’ve learned from my coaches and mentors more recently. From this ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘a thought behind an action’, what mantra would you create to bring your values, intentions, goals and vision in alignment for 2019?

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