Wake up to Sleep!

“Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.”         Ralph Marston

Wake up to Sleep! Are you rested? Do you feel refreshed easing into the time change and for some, experience spring-like weather? Or did you forget and are struggling to juggle one more thing? Who’s got time for another lost hour of sleep? I’ve got SO much to do this week!

Fortunately, the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Awareness Week is upon us this week ending with World Sleep Day on March 15, Friday! There was even a US first-ever Sleep Show in Houston this past weekend highlighting the latest in the $30 billion-plus and growing sleep industry.

I heard this on the Today show this morning! Yet, and that’s a big f**king yet, we are growing more stressed, sleepless, wired and tired each day! Is this what sleep awareness is about? Is the sleep industry about making money? It could be about much more!



If that’s not enough, it’s also Brain Awareness Week and Daylight Savings kicked in last Sunday screaming with many US states reconsidering DST this energy saving tactic! What does all mean? Does anyone really care and is anyone connecting the dots here? Are the ‘experts’ in sleep, the brain and the system talking to each other about this and how we could all be living a better life? Just being aware doesn’t solve your problem, does it?


What I want for you is to go BEYOND awareness and change your paradigm about sleep and the brain to one of both being the keys to unlock your greatest potential and wellbeing! Imagine, sleep as the ‘secret’ to achieving your goals, your best health at any age, the ability to change your thinking, habits and emotional skills to get more out of what you want in your life. Am I dreamer like you?

So how is this possible? If sleep can give you a higher quality of life, what would that look like for you? How can your brain be healthier? Isn’t the brain ‘fixed’, wired permanently? What would functioning at a higher level of thinking look like? Yes, there are ‘skills, hacks & tips’ experts have been starting to talk about but is this enough?

I’m here because my purpose is to be in service to you and show you that there is a process, practices, support and accountability and lifestyle habits that have been proven by the latest neuroscience, positive psychology and even ancient traditions without the drug or a medical industry telling you otherwise. This is NOT a paid advertisement here!


“We move toward a better understanding of sleep by considering that it is not simply unconsciousness.” Dr Rubin Naiman


I believe that if sleep and the benefits to improving not only our brain health but also our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health was supported and practiced more, we could experience less disease, more vitality and time with our loved ones.

I know that we would be functioning at a higher level with more clarity, sharpness and focus. Our memory and learning would increase, and we could also see more money in our pocket from better decision making and that’s the same for the larger communities, countries & governments we are a part of. What would this idea of going beyond awareness look like for you?


“Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is a kindness.” adapted from the Dalai Lama


So, this is what I would like to leave you with.  As one of my fav doctors in the area of sleep psychology, Dr. Rubin Naiman says, let’s start with the ‘beginner’s mind’ when it comes to learning what I mentioned above and not simply think of sleep as purely functional or mysterious.

Keep an open mind that we even may have been misinformed about sleep and brain science and that change is not possible for yourself. We always have a choice.

Be kind to yourself most of all and learn more about this fascinating and absolutely necessary key to achieving your highest potential without drugs, expensive and unnecessary medical bills. The ‘secret’ to going beyond awareness is right inside of you.


Wake up with an open mind and get the benefits by starting NOW!

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