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Welcome to my very first blog! 

Welcome to my very first attempt at writing a blog! 

I hope we’ll enjoy the bumpy journey together!  This is a continuing story of personal transformation from the day job, a career, life as we thought we knew it to become the person you’re really meant to be and how I can help YOU!

Do you believe that we are not defined by our jobs, our title, our education, our status nor what we do but rather the person we are becoming and want to be?  Roger James Hamilton, our mentor was the first person we heard using this metaphor of Clark Kent and Superman and although I grew up with these characters as a kid, only now do I finally understand who this really was. 

I’ve been living as Clark Kent for many, many years and finally now understand what my real purpose is: helping people become the person they truly are through the power of sleep.  A stretch you say? Follow us and share your thoughts!

We learned about having ‘superpowers’ through many educational experiences in the UK from Kiyosaki to Dr Ro to Roger.  Everyone has a superpower and everyone is a genius. 

We just didn’t get that until more recently.  What are your superpower and your genius?  One of my powers was empathy, the ability to relate to others through compassion and to help others. 

My genius…

has to do with people and through my travels, multicultural experiences and creativity (I’ve been a designer disguised as Clark Kent for over 20 years) I’m able to take this to another level in a creative way to help solve some of the problems related to sleep because believe me, I’ve had my fair share of workplace stress, sleep deprivation, and health issues! 

Soon, I’ll be leaving Clark Kent (with John Lewis Partnership ) behind in a matter of weeks and pursuing my dream to help others especially men who’ve been through what I’ve experienced. 

I collaborate with experts from qigong to mindfulness and researched and continuously test and own many of the latest products and technologies to curate the best services, experts, businesses and sustainably designed products to find you personalised solutions to your sleep problems.  Join me on this journey to become the best YOU can be through sleep!

Inspired by an unusual dream on our Nikken Sleep System, one of the first dreams I truly remember (normally I don’t remember any of my dreams)! The dream started around packing our belongings for our travels soon but led to the Japanese tradition of gift-giving. 

It even involved colleagues from work, cultural traditions, packing house but then realising that the many little things we collected over the years in Europe were really the power of helping others through gift-giving for friends and family when we see them in 2016.  Strange as it seems, this led to the Clark Kent/Superman story above.