What does each of us share in common with our businesses?

We live in a world that has space for EVERYTHING to exist. In nature, most everything exists in an ecosystem that finds its own balance. In business, many exist in a competitive or collaborative environment. As entrepreneurs and small businesses, there are nearly 30 million ‘employing’ over 45% of US workers. So, what could it be that we all share in common?

The real business we are ALL in is the business of building relationships.  I learned this from a mentor & coach last year and this has become a mantra for me as this is my ‘genius’ as I learned from another favourite mentor of ours. (see

“The business we are ALL in is the business of building relationships.”

This week I had several different experiences with this concept.  As a Personal Energy & Performance Coach, I help people with their sleep, health & energy by first building a relationship, connecting and providing a safe environment of trust. Only then can I be of service.

This past week, I felt a little tense helping someone who’s business seemed to be focused around the negative relationships they were experiencing. It seemed to be more complicated than it needs to be and felt like a never-ending hamster wheel that he couldn’t see any potential solution.

In the same week, I had a conversation with a former colleague that despite the negativity that surrounds her corporate environment and the retail industry generally, was taking actions preparing for the new chapter in her life in the next months.

Finally, I met some absolutely lovely people at a networking event that shared a common passion to help others as entrepreneurs. We could have spent hours talking and sharing!

How is building relationships connected to our Science & Practice of Happiness event and how can I give you something of value from this? What I’ve learned and come to realize is that many of us have been misled!

Happiness is a choice, not a destination. It is not the reward after your hard work and success!

Happiness is the key to your success and is something you must consciously work on daily in order to achieve your fullest potential. If you’re in the Seattle area, come to our playshop this Thursday and learn exactly how you can do this. You’ll learn:

  1. The latest research in Positive Psychology and Neuroscience that proves Happiness is the key to your health & success
  2. 12 practical habits you can develop to build more meaningful relationships AND be happier in whatever you do!
  3. Experience interactive learning from others

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