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What is the most important asset in your business?

With the start of the Late Summer season, this is the center of focus for you.

 “You are the center of your universe, and you can make anything happen.”    Ashley Smith

All this month, I’ve been sharing some thoughts on Independence, Freedom, Interdependence and a bit on how these concepts can be shared globally. I appreciate your time if you’ve had a chance to read some of it so now it’s time to focus on the most important ‘asset’ to your family, your business and your life. Yes, you guessed it. It’s about YOU.

I’ve been working with the concept of the 5 seasons, sleep as the foundation of all health as well as lifestyle, growth mindset, the environment, the emotions (my family) the spiritual and many other aspects of our life to show you that EVERYTHING is connected.

It’s impossible to talk only about sleep when it comes to your health so with the start of the Late Summer season and a powerful Black Moon this week, the focus is YOU, the Earth element, the center of the universe, the 5th season and why learning from nature is so powerful for us as coaches, healers and practitioners to create change.



Allow me to share 3 things I’ve learned to:

  1. Powerfully tap into your Energy, your Center
  2. Develop your power of Empathy
  3. Enhance your Selfcare


 “Learning is the new skill. Imagination, creation and asking new questions are at its center.”   adapted from Sugata Mitra



Late Summer arrives soon and because it’s at the literal center of the seasons, it carries the energy of transition, reflection and connection.  It’s the perfect time to find your Center to know yourself better. Try this in the next weeks.

Ask yourself daily: Why am I doing this? Why am I feeling this? What is the positive intention of what’s happening here?

 Do this as often as possible: Get outside for walks and discover all the shades of Yellow in nature. Use it as an anchor to connect with your core values and the ability to transition smoothly through meaningful change. For example, despite the family conflict I’m experiencing with caregiving and family dynamics, I’m finding the challenge has me digging deeper and painfully into my values and purpose, practising forgiveness and mastering my own change, my emotions and redefining my boundaries.

 Literally, feel the earth beneath you! That’s right, get barefoot or sit on the grass. When life get’s crazy, or as my London mates say, mad, just take a moment to do this with intention and feel grounded, literally.


“Empathy begins with understanding life from another person’s perspective. Nobody has an objective experience of reality. It’s all through our own individual prisms.”   Sterling K. Brown


I truly believe that Empathy is important to cultivate and that can take ourselves and our clients to another level. It’s the power to understand and be aware of a shared experience, thoughts and feelings with others. This is what it can do for you.

It opens communication

The ability to listen to verbal and nonverbal communication with empathy to understand what others need, how they want to be treated as well as understand how others perceive YOU will build trust and facilitate more interaction.

It opens your mind

Seeing the world through multiple perspectives from others expands on your own experience on many levels. This can lead to living a more fulfilled life, self-discovery and ability to embrace the unexpected experiences of life.

It opens possibility

Everyone is different and having empathy means having the key to better understanding others and their motivation, getting on their ‘map’. This benefits business and your life and can make the difference in mastering change.


“Take the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you’ve achieved, you can enhance everything about you. Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.” adapted from Jack Canfield


Our own Selfcare is the highest priority but it’s often forgotten, even as coaches. Many know about nutrition and exercise as ‘pillars’ of good health but taking sleep more seriously, is the FOUNDATION of everything you do. Enhance your selfcare rituals by prioritizing sleep, not just talking about it. Yea, I know, I know.


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