What is the top health issue for men?

Here’s how June and the summer season can help prevent the number one cause of death.

“Keep your vitality. A life without health is like a river without water.” Maxime Lagacé

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women but men are nearly twice as likely to die from this preventable disease than women. The quote above from a young man says it all. Without our health, there is no flow and your dreams and happiness may pass.

Let’s look at June and Summer from a different perspective for men. June is Men’s Health Month recognized throughout the world while Summer marks the season of peak energy, growth & vitality. This month, I’ll guide you through what you can do to increase Heart health (the organ associated with Summer from the Traditional Chinese Medicine view) and Joy and happiness (the emotion correlated with the season) and 5 things you can do today to keep the men in your life healthy.



Believe. Eat. Move. Sleep. Love. Keep it simple, men like simple. Encourage a healthy lifestyle by starting with a belief system that heart disease (and almost all disease) is preventable. Take 100% responsibility for your own health. Man up!

Eat. Keep sugar intake to a minimum and eat less meat and more fresh fruit & vegetables and drink responsibly. That’s it! One of the main reason’s men die sooner than women is because men drink, smoke, make riskier, poor choices when it comes to food (and generally) and not see their doctor more! Get more help here.

Move. This is easy for you already busy, active types but if it’s a struggle then an easy, even better option is walking outdoors taking in the sunshine or rain! We’ll talk more about ‘forest bathing’ in a future post. If you want long term benefits of movement, ‘go slow to go fast’ and I don’t just mean physically. If you do want something slow, try Tai Chi, yoga or something else you like.

“Let thy step be slow and steady, that thou stumble not.” Tokugawa Ieyasu

Sleep. Think I’m kidding? Think twice! I had the privilege to hear Dr Matthew Walker this year and you need to hear this from him guys if you’ve got the b***s!

Love. What’s love got to do with it? Your heart that is? It has everything to do with your heart and your health!! This means doing what you truly love, being in a healthy loving relationship, having a strong community of friends. Learn ways to cultivate more joy and happiness in your busy life!

“The true way to a man’s heart and heart health is through love.” Mag Secretario

Let’s chat about the man in your life and how to keep him healthy and happy!