What’s the one rhythm you won’t like but impacts everyone?

It’s called, Dysrhythmia and here’s why it’s important to you!



“Rhythm holds sway in all nature.”   Rudolf Steiner

As I’ve shared a bit about the 5 seasons in the past, this time of year is all about centering, grounding and finding your rhythm.  Late Summer represents the transitions between all seasons in our 5 elements approach to healing.  It’s the perfect time to focus on what’s most important, YOU! You are the center! Get into yo rhythm!

The word dysrhythmia comes from Greek, ‘dys’, meaning ‘bad’ and ‘rhythmia,’ implies ‘rhythm.’

Dysrhythmia, described from one of my fav authors and inspirational leading thinkers on sleep and dreaming, Dr Rubin Naiman, is unlike an irregular heartbeat but more like an irregular lifestyle. We’ve simply forgotten our connection to nature and its natural rhythms. We override rest, sleep & dreaming for ‘one more thing on our list’ not realizing or caring of the consequences. We’re out of rhythm with our life purpose, unhappy with our work & relationships and starting to feel the impact on our body, in our head, and even in our spirit.

The aspect of time & rhythm is an important part of our approach to healing, as well as life and business.  The fascinating study & science is called, Chronobiology and provides some of the latest discoveries in the recent Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.


“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ”  Maya Angelou


 Here are 3 important thoughts about why finding your rhythm is important to you and your clients:


 Got Rhythm?

Whether you believe the theory of biorhythms or not, science proves the link between the seasons, your internal clock and how well your body functions. Your circadian rhythm is led by one master clock, the SCN or suprachiasmatic nucleus found inside your brain’s Hypothalamus area. It is responsible for regulating ALL other physiological functions, especially sleep. Try getting outside and get sunshine in your eyes earlier in the day. No sunglasses in the morning! It’s the sunlight that can help you reset your circadian clock best and get you back in stride!

Got Sleep?

Sleep is different for everyone. Find what works best for you but do try to get a consistent, 7-9 hrs each night. There are many sleep rituals you can practice, the most important to remember is consistent bed and wakeup times and a gradual transition to both. Create a ‘soft landing’ to bedtime, no more ‘crash landings’! Set a timer to begin your bedtime rituals and gently ‘let go of the day’. Same with waking. Create a ‘soft take off’ by waking with intention, being grateful and allow the time you need to start your day fresh after a good night’s sleep.

 Got time?

Who’s got the time these days? I truly believe it’s more about managing your energy than managing your time. The first step is to make your health your highest priority (look for Start With Sleep in the near future) otherwise learn the consequences of insomnia and why you can’t think clearly if it’s the negative that motivates you. On the positive, once you manage your sleep, your fitness, your emotional health and get back into your rhythm, you’ll find more effective use of your time for everything else. No point at being efficient at doing the wrong things at the wrong time! EVERYTHING has it’s time! Make time for YOURSELF!  Just for fun: To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn!


“Happiness and Health is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”    adapted from Thomas Merton


 Have YOU got the time? Let’s chat about how you can find your center!