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Where were you 52 weeks ago?

Why the journey is more important than the goal!



“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as WHO you become by achieving your goals.  adapted from Zig Ziglar


Wherever you were one year ago, this particular time of the year is the best time to appreciate the harvest of the season and it’s actually the best time to reflect on your progress & goals and to let go of the things that no longer serve you. This is my one year mark of doing something I’ve never done before…writing this blog has been a great challenge and opportunity!

Time passes quickly and where you were 10, 5 and even 1 year ago is gone in a blink! I believe, what’s more, important is the process of becoming the person you want to be rather than achieving the goal. What do you think? I think I’ve been duped for years! How can this change your life?

Consider this. As we move from Late Summer to Autumn, the cooler temperatures, abundance from the summer harvest, the change to falling energy and the process of ‘recycling’ fallen leaves to become nutrients for the next season begins. Connecting with Nature and the 5 seasons concept means we can better heal ourselves and maximize our full potential. We can take it to a higher level by developing a growth mindset from all that we’ve learned this past year and ‘recycle’ the good stuff, let go the bad shit! Here’s how:


“Becoming is better than being”   Carol Dweck


A growth mindset

This simple belief can transform your life! Neuroscience is proving that our brains are NOT fixed, we can ‘rewire’ our brain, our thoughts, our habits that can help us reach your fullest potential. In fact, our brain is ‘plastic’ and neuroplasticity is something I’ll share more about from my studies with Dr Sarah McKay!

A fixed mindset leads us to think that our skills, intelligence and talents are fixed, innate and that achieving a goal was most important. You got it or you don’t! I’m too old to change! We’ve all been unknowingly misled here from our parents, teachers, coaches and even our system. Good thing we can change that!

A growth mindset allows us to grow, evolve and leads us to the desire to improve. Our own skills and talents are just the starting point. Our true potential is unknown and unknowable as Dr Carol Dweck says in her years of leading research. I know YOU know this feeling intuitively, that EVERYTHING is possible!

A growth mindset can help us reframe difficult challenges as opportunities to learn and actually embrace them. Yea, right! I know from my own recent experiences as caregivers in a very difficult family dynamics that we can learn more from criticism and negativity as painful as it is. My entrepreneur mentor, Roger James Hamilton once taught me, ‘if you’re not earning, you’re learning’!


“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.”  Leonardo da Vinci


A journey mindset

Almost 50% of people are NOT focused on the present. Many are overwhelmed by the huge goals they set for themselves. We focus more on what’s NOT done than what we’ve achieved. Sound familiar? Focusing on the journey frees us to look at goals as steps we can take action with right now, TODAY. In fact, start with creating a ‘done list’, today!

I truly believe that achieving our goals are more the byproducts of this journey perspective and the process of overcoming challenges, growing more confidence, skills and experiences are indeed more powerful transformations that lead to understanding our true potential. Although we talking about the journey, keep focused on these simple practices.

  • Be specific about your goals
  • break them down
  • commit them to paper
  • review them daily
  • celebrate each small win (this is the part I forget often but am learning how powerful it can be! Stop beating yourself up and take a breath deeply and intentionally)! 

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”   Arthur Ashe


Here’s my start of this journey 52 stories ago. Begin again today.

Where do you want to be next?  What are your dreams? Let’s talk!