“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”   

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius

This week marks the ‘anniversary’ of our first travels to Asia which changed our lives. We had first met my mentor, Roger James Hamilton while still living in London in 2014 and knew immediately he would become one of my key mentors and he was based in Bali. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to become an entrepreneur in an exotic location like Bali?

 “Singapore represents a state of being and becoming for us.” Mag

 Our first stop to Asia was Singapore in 2015, the 50th anniversary of its independence where this tiny city-state (only 2 others in the world: Monaco and Vatican City) became a 1st world country in a single generation. Check out Roger’s story here. Here you’ll understand my statement above where I resonate with being ‘the little fish that roared’!



As beautiful as our very short experience of Singapore was (especially 3 nights at the Marina Bay Sands!), I learned that much of our work in the future will be based around serving Asia.  Why? Guess which countries sleep the least?  I learned from Roger that THIS was a meaningful problem worth solving!

“It’s better to solve a meaningful problem than to sell anything.”  

Roger James Hamilton


Although Roger’s Wealth Dynamics business is global and is based in Singapore, he actually lives in Bali where the next part of this story begins. When we joined him, we wanted to attend his ‘entrepreneur retreat’ called iLab which is Bali spelled backwards. Check out that video link and you’ll get how we met some incredible lifelong friends from Europe, Canada, South Africa to Australia & New Zealand!


Bali was much more than a beautiful, exotic place that tourists flock to since Eat, Pray & Love and go on yoga retreats. It’s a deeply spiritual place imbued with a sense of peace, a place of gentle, smiling people. It was the first time in my life that I felt a connection I couldn’t quite explain. Perhaps it had to do with everyone looking like me and me looking like everyone else except and if you google ‘Balinese priest’, you might see why locals liked me.


Our main purpose there was to learn about entrepreneurship…

which we did over 30 days of various workshops, daily check-ins and practices and implementation sessions with different visiting experts along with movie nights, visits to the local surfing beach and other weekend activities from climbing mountains, snorkeling, touring through Ubud to biking through the countryside, wonderful healthy, organic meals, traditional Balinese specialties and always wonderful exotic fruit smoothies every break!


What Roger created at his resort called Vision Villas was the gift of SIGHT through his charity to the local Balinese but also INSIGHT to all of us shared through his social enterprise while having fun, something he learned from one of his mentors, Richard Branson.


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